What To Know About Sport And Osteoarthritis?

What To Know About Sport And Osteoarthritis?

The sequelae of sports injuries are a risk factor for osteoarthritis, but physical activity is one of the primary measures to consider in treating osteoarthritis. This is the paradox of the relationship between physical activity and osteoarthritis.

In certain sports (football, rugby, skiing, etc.), the knee is exposed to ligament and meniscal injuries, the consequences of which favor the appearance of osteoarthritis. It is the same for the ankle, whose sprains and overwork of the joint are risk factors for osteoarthritis. Physical activity maintains physical condition, which improves the quality of life of the patient with osteoarthritis like osteoarthritis of the hip (ปวด ข้อ สะโพก which is the term in Thai). For this, it must be done:

  • in endurance (aerobic, that is to say without shortness of breath);
  • charging (brisk walking for 30 minutes) or discharging (cycling, swimming);
  • regularly, at least three times a week.

This measure is only well-observed if the patient himself decides the type of activity he wishes to undertake, provided that his doctor confirms that he has the physical capacities. Physical activity has two other interesting properties for the patient with osteoarthritis:

  • it has an analgesic action which has been demonstrated both for aerobic exercise and for muscle strengthening;
  • it facilitates the reduction of excess weight in overweight patients (overweight or obesity).

This activity is interrupted:

  • if it causes pain;
  • During acute painful outbreaks where it only accentuates the pain and accelerates the degradation of articular cartilage.

Sports And Daily Exercises: Your Allies Against Osteoarthritis Of The Knee

Therefore, the best solution to reduce knee joint pain is to practice regular physical activity of moderate intensity. We recommend an average of 3 sessions per week, lasting at least 30 minutes, but everything depends on the activity chosen and your state of health.

It then remains to choose a sport suitable for knee osteoarthritis. To best combine osteoarthritis of the knee and sport, the ideal is to opt for a sporting activity that does not put too much pressure on your knee joint. We can orient ourselves according to our tastes towards:

  • swimming, for example, and most water sports, including water aerobics, are indicated in cases of knee osteoarthritis.
  • Cycling is often advised: you might as well opt for the bike.
  • The walking, you can also decline as hiking or Nordic walking.

On the other hand, to preserve your knee, contact sports, tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, running, and any other sport requiring strong support on your legs is not recommended.

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