Process of Phone Validation

Phone number validation is the process of confirming the accuracy of a phone number. It allows consumers to check whether the phone number they have for a business contact or a customer is current and accepting calls. Validation Phone numbers are beneficial to their business in a variety of ways.

Consumer Satisfaction – 

Having the correct phone number for a customer allows others to contact them at the appropriate time. Customers will appreciate it if they maintain in touch with them, whether it’s to inform them of a new promotion or an update on their order.

Employee Productivity – 

The less time their staff waste contacting inactive lines or incorrect numbers, the more time they have to interact with real clients. In addition, verification eliminates the need to manually update or delete inaccurate numbers.

Regulatory Compliance – 

When telemarketing or using text message marketing, people must adhere to specific norms and rules. They can comply with these regulations by verifying phone numbers.

What is the process of phone validation?

The phone number is validated by running it through our large database. Experian phone verification software locates the number and determines whether it is in use. The app also gathers data such as the phone’s model and network provider. The software sends a text message to the phone, which is not visible to the phone’s owner, to ensure that the phone number is accepting calls. Phone numbers can even be cleansed at the point of input to ensure that they are legitimate before being entered into a database.

 There are two ways to double-check phone numbers:

  • Think about when people are checking out online and they type their phone number into the field. A phone verification API service enables people to confirm phone numbers in real-time. This prevents fraudulent numbers from ever being entered into their database.
  • Automatically clean up their phone number list with bulk phone validation. People can have their phone number list cleaned periodically, or they can submit their phone number list whenever they like.

People need a comprehensive data quality management approach to get the most out of their consumer contact data. Validating phone numbers is a terrific place to start when it comes to organizing their contact information for more efficient company communications. See how a thorough data quality management program makes their organization more efficient by using validated phone, email, and address data.

Real-time phone validation – 

At the point of data entry, standardize and validate phone numbers from 240 countries in real-time. The global API informs users whether a phone number is genuine and operational, as well as provides a variety of information about the number. The API may be simply incorporated into any online form on websites, point-of-sale terminals, phone centers, CRM systems, and more.

Bulk phone number cleansing – 

Clean phone number lists or complete datasets regularly by sending the data to Experian’s Professional Services team over a secure FTP server. The team will delete any invalid or inactive numbers from the file and deliver it to you, along with a summary report on the data’s general health.

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